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...long tag, this one

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 2:52 PM
Tagged by :icondarksonicboom:

1. You MUST complete everything otherwise no cookies for you
2. You have to tag at least one person
3. No tag backs
4. Follow the instructions below 

1. Tell everybody twenty randomly chosen things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions of who tagged you.
3. Make up 11 questions because we like to go one step beyond.
4. Describe three of your characters in one sentence each.
5. Tag away!


1. I've loved Transformers since I was little.
2. I has three little kitties. Ziva, Pansy and Lizzy.
3. I fell into the KH fandom a bit by accident(Luckiest accident in the world~). Had I not happened to see the first game all those years ago in a local game shop, I might never have been a part of the KH community.
4. I still don't like the dark.
5. I love the colour blue~
6. I used to play piano. Lost interest when I had to sit exams though.
7. Thanks to my grandpa, I'm easily amused by toilet humour. (fart jokes, etc)
8. I love America and wish to visit there again~
9. I'm a Glaswegian.
10. I love Cosplay~
11. I have a half sister.
12. I don't cry a great deal. I only cry if I see a sad scene in a movie or a friend or family member is upset. 
13. I'm a very shy person. To this day, I still blush sometimes when talking to someone I don't know. I also get very nervous.
14. I hate going to the doctors or dentist. I'm always afraid they'll find something wrong.
15. I still have all my wisdom teeth.....they're not helping me be any wiser though ^^;
16. I'm part Polish, but I only know the phrase "dzień dobry", meaning good morning. (What's even sadder, I had to Google translate to be sure of what it actually meant ^^; )
17. One Christmas eve when I was 15, I slipped on a marble slab at our local church's doorway(it had been raining and the slab was wet) and ended up with a hairline fracture on my elbow. So I spent Christmas in a sling...such fun -_-;
18. I hate spiders!!
19. I fell up an escalator when I was ten, still have the small scar on my left shin where the teeth went in. 
20. I've met a lot of really nice people on DA~ You guys are the best~ ^^


1: Do you watch Anime? If so, what kind?

I haven't watched any recently, but the last one I saw was FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

2: Are you in love with someone?

Sadly no.

3: Do you like G/T?

I like it, but I prefer male giants to female ones. Don't know why.

4: Do you like Vore? If so, why?

Yep~ I like to think it can be more about closeness rather than some horrible death sentence.

5: Is it obvious the last two questions were just made to take up space?

Kind of~ XP

6: If I was suddenly thrown into the back of a cop car, without having done anything, how would you react?


7: Do you think I'm weird or crazy in any way?

No more than the rest of us. Hey, being normal is boring~

8: What do you like best about yourself?

That I can make my mum laugh. Sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose, both times we're both in stitches~

9: Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Wore glasses when I was at school, but not anymore. But if I need to, I'll choose glasses over contacts or laser treatment any day.

10: What was your childhood stuffed animal?

A SuperTed bear. It was from an old cartoon, surprisingly called "Superted", and I still have it.

11: Who is your hero? (Real, video game character, anime character, etc.)

First would be Spiderman.  
Close second is Sora from Kingdom Hearts~
Third would be Grimlock from Transformers. ...what? I love the Dinobots.


1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
2. What pets do/did you have?
3. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
4. What's your favourite film?
5. Do you have any funny stories? Care to share?
6. Do you have a favourite YouTuber?
7. What's your favourite game?
8. Who do you take after more, your mum or dad?
9. What's your favourite treat?
10. What's your biggest fear?
11. you wanna build a snowman~? XD


Tochi has had a lot of ups and downs in his life, but is a good soul that will defend those he holds dear.
Shinwa comes off as crazy...well, she kind of it, but in a good way.
Meian keeps to herself a lot, only really opening up to her older brother, Tochi.


...I dunno. You want to, be my guest.

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United Kingdom
Lover of anime.

Has an obsession with Kingdom Hearts. (Like you can't tell XP)

Things you should know:

I fave and run, but its because I like what you made~
If I do comment, then I really like it.


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